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SWICILY is the new healthier sugar, full of goodness for your body and soul.

With lower glycemic load, 100% natural and a unique elegant flavour this is a delicious natural sweetener to enjoy on hot or cold preparations, as well as on drinks or cocktails.

A single superfood ingredient: each little bottle is made with nearly 2 kilos of the best local organic grapes. All from Sicily, our volcanic land, famous for its beautifully simple, delicious food.

It is our real joy to bring back one of the oldest sweeteners in History, offering you a concentrate of premium sweetness and optimism.


SWICILY is the result of improbable friendships across generations and countries. People providing help, sharing what they have for the betterment of their communities.

Together with our big bunch of supporting friends we aim to turn healthy eating into an experience much more meaningful and fun. We promote a new concept of respect, for others, for the environment and for one’s body.


Grapes are great antioxidants, full of minerals and vitamins C, B, and A.

Because of its single ingredient, our natural sugar benefits from a lower glycemic load and contain less than 20 kcal per serving.

Compared to sucrose, grape sugar is obtained through purification. By not undergoing crystallisation, SWICILY does not lose its lower polio-sugars and therefore maintains a mixture of monosaccharides…..those are the free-form sugars that do not cause glycemic spikes.

Made with care by local communities in Sicily, we promote high ethical standards and harmony with the environment. We are certified organic and our sumptuous sugar is obviously free on GMOs, added preservatives or chemicals. Pure natural luxury for you and your dears.


We invite you to upgrade your habits with an indulging alternative to classic sugar.

Its slightly fruity aroma sweetens but does not overshadows the original flavours, on the contrary, it enhances them.

SWICILY is family-friendly and tremendously versatile. You can pour it on your tea, breakfast bowls, healthy baby food, pastries, home-made cough syrup or cocktails…the list is endless!


– The bottle price is £9.

– The special edition box costs £123.

– Flat rate delivery charge: £3.25.



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