Tea with Intention™

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Tea with Intention™


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The Leaf Collective | Tea with Intention.

Award-winning organic tea tonics. Inspired by yoga and consciously crafted to connect mind, body, people and planet. Combining the benefits of tea and meditation to create a better world within and around you. Ayurvedic and adaptogenic herbal blends with benefits.
Naturally, restore harmony; find immune support, digestive power, energy, stamina, clarity and calm in every cup. Mindfully made in the UK.

RRP £4.95

*Certified Organic | Vegan | No artificial flavourings or Preservatives | No added Sugar | No GMO | Biodegradable | Plastic-free packaging.
Allergy Advice: Packed in a factory that handles nuts.
Terms & Conditions (see website www.theleafcollective.co.uk/company)
Delivery: Flat rate £3.60 up to 1kg.


*Rooibos, *Apple, *Cocoa Shells, *Cinnamon, *Rosehip, *Hawthorn leaf, *Hibiscus, *Orange Peel, *Apple Pomace. A warm and settling blend inspired by the yoga poses Mountain (Tadasana), crafted to fortify the immune and digestive systems, improve circulation and promote feelings of groundedness.

*Assam, *Cocoa Shells, *Yerba Mate, *Desiccated Coconut, *Orange peel, *Vanilla pieces A luxurious ‘feel good’ blend inspired by the yoga poses Wild Thing (Camatkarasana), crafted to delight the senses. Rich in vitamins, with a delicate chocolate taste to naturally enhance mood.

WARRIOR VITALITEA (Refresh & Energise)
*Green Tea, *Ginger, *Turmeric root, *Ashwagandha, *Lemongrass, *Fennel, *Chilli A zesty ‘wake-up’ blend inspired by yoga pose Warrior (Virabhadrasana II), crafted to boost the immune system, metabolism and energy, promoting feelings of power and confidence.

STAR CREATIVITEA (Soothe & Inspire)
*Peppermint, *Liquorice, *Aniseed, *Eucalyptus leaf, *Echinacea, *Gingko Biloba A soothing breathe-easy blend inspired by yoga pose Star (UtthitaTadasana), crafted to support the throat, airways and brain promoting cognition, expression and feelings of openness. CAFFEINE FREE

MOON SERENITEA (Calm & Balance)
*Green Tea, *Rose, *Cardamom, *Gotu Kola A light and balancing blend inspired by the yoga pose Crescent Moon (Anjaneyasana), crafted to calm, cleanse and centre, promoting feelings of peace and alertness.

LOTUS CLARITEA (Relax & Focus)
*Chamomile, *Lavender, *Lemon Balm, *Linden Blossom A restful, meditative blend inspired by yoga pose Lotus (Padmasana), crafted to relieve tension, ease anxiety, promoting clear-mindedness, concentration and a relaxed sense of awareness. CAFFEINE FREE

GODDESS DIVINITEA (Nourish & Empower)
*Spearmint, *Lemon Verbena, *Fenugreek, *Raspberry leaf, *Raspberries, *Thyme A nurturing blend inspired by yoga pose Goddess (Utkatakonasana, crafted to support women’s health, promoting energy, clarity and the natural ease of discomfort and stress. CAFFEINE FREE


Goddess Divinitea, Lotus Claritea, Moon Serenitea, Mountain Stabilitea, Star Creativitea, Warrior Vitalitea, Wild Thing Sensualitea


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